In the fall of 1985. Millstream Brewery is the oldest operational brewery in Iowa! And one of the oldest operational breweries in the nation!

The Amana Colonies where Millstream is located is a German community.  In fact the original founders went to Germany to research what beers to make, thus the Schild Brau Amber was developed!

The craft beer drinker is always on the lookout for the next new beer on tap so it’s hard to direct anyone to where our beers would be on tap.  The bars are always rotating beers around weekly for the next new beer.  You can always find our 6 packs in Hy-Vees and many of the liqour stores in Iowa, Omaha, Sioux Falls, Twin Cities and the Quad Cities.

We do make our own Root Beer, Cream Soda, Ginger Beer, Black Cherry, Orange sodas.  At the Brau Haus we always have a couple hard apple ciders and wines available too.

We make a wide variety of beers throughout the year.  Our Windmill Wheat and German Pilsner are the closest we make to a domestic beer.  Then we make traditional Ambers, IPA’s, Stouts and all the way up to our Barrel Aged Series we do every year.  We truely do have a beer for every taste!

No, we do not ship any of our beers/sodas to a personal address.

Yes!  We do make everything right at our little location here in Amana.  We make about 25 different beers each year.

No, we don’t give brewery tours.  But you can see almost everything from large viewing windows.  You can view the brewhaus, bottling line and the fermentation cellars.

We bottle every Tuesday from 8am – approx 1pm.  Brew days are Wed, Thur & Friday.

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