Cody and Chris in the Brew House at Gift Certificate to Millstream Brewing Co

Repurposing Spent Grain

For over 25 years we’ve had a partnership with local farmers who will leave a trailer and in return get about 800 pounds of spent grain per 620-gallon batch.  By the time the fermentable sugars are extracted from the grain, we’re left with a soggy mass of ground kernels called spent grain. Those soaked kernels still hold plenty of value, not for people, but for livestock.  The livestock gain extra nutrients and proteins for free!  About an average of 3200 pounds of spent grain, a week are sent for the livestock to enjoy!

Iowa Grown Hops
Brewmaster, Chris Priebe has been working with Buck Creek Hop Farms out of Solon, IA over the past years. They have been working to develop what variety of hops and quantities that the Iowa Breweries will need so that we can now locally source hops from Iowa. Approximately 85% of hops in our Millstream Beers are now Iowa grown.

Used Oil
The Amana Farms constructed a 1.6 million gallon anaerobic digester which currently produces green energy and quality fertilizer for Amana’s large crop production. Using cattle manure and other recycled products, the digester is able to produce methane using combustion engines and turn it into electricity. When we purchased the Millstream Brau Haus we realized we were going through gallons of cooking oil weekly so a new partnership was made with the Amana Farms for the oil to be recycled weekly to aid in the digesters production of energy.

Recycled Products
Right down the road, we have a wonderful recycling facility with Whirlpool Manufacturing.  Our tin cans, plastic, cardboard, and other recyclables are dropped off weekly.

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