Chris Priebe


He is the one we give credit to for all of the wonderful award-winning brews that come out of Millstream Brewery!

Tom Albert

Warehouse / Production Manager

He will schedule what we bottle/keg every week and get it shipped out the back door so you don’t run out of beer!

Teresa Albert

Marketing & Sales Manager

She works with the outside world and distributors to make sure the beer can be found in your favorite local spots. She also coordinates all the activities & events that go on at the brewery.

(319) 622-3672


Keeper of the Cellar

The guy we keep in the cellar and once in a while we let come out.  He’s a home brewer and knows how to keep the tanks clean and transfer the beers!


Master of All

The little bit of everything guy. Greg is also a home brewer.  If anything needs done from brewing to bottling to getting the beer out the back door, Greg can do it!



Always full of smiles for all!


Traveling Salesman

Need beer, just ask Nick!


Event Coordinator

Have a special event you’d like to host with us? Kenzie’s your gal!

(319) 622-7332

To brew the best, You need to be the best

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