Our giant soft pretzel, made with Back Road Stout, is served with our Schild Brau beer cheese sauce and German mustard. | $6.5


Hand breaded tenders with your choice of sauce: ranch, honey Dijon, buffalo, chili habanero, garlic parmesan, sriracha bourbon, BBQ apricot, or BBQ root beer. | $7

German Poutine

Fries topped with a ham-caraway gravy, cheese curds, bacon, corned beef, and sauerkraut. | $10

Reuben Frühlinsrolle

Haus made egg rolls filled with traditional reuben toppings.
Served with Haus 1000 island dipping sauce. | $8

Brotkäse Quark

Breaded and fried cheese curds served with a side of haus made lingonberry honey mustard & haus ranch. | $7.5


A dozen jumbo wings tossed in your choice of sauce. Served with celery and ranch or blue cheese. Sauces: buffalo, sriracha bourbon, garlic parmesan, chili habanero tropical, BBQ apricot, or BBQ root beer. | $13


Main Course

main entrees come with a choice of one side unless noted

Sides: fries | cottage cheese | German potato salad | bacon ranch pasta | haus salad | mac ‘n cheese


Straight from the Amana Meat Shop. Choose from:
Amana Brat | Back Road Stout | $7.5

Schnitzel Sandwich

Pan fried herb breaded cutlet, with your choice of pork or chicken, on a toasted pretzel bun. | $10.5

Haus Schnitzel Sandwich

Choice of schnitzel topped with Muenster, pickled red cabbage, onion, mustard aioli, and lettuce on a toasted pretzel bun. | $11.5


1/3 pound Certified Angus Beef patty served on a pretzel bun. | $9.5

American, Swiss, Smoked Gouda, Muenster, or Pepper Jack cheese: add $1
optional toppings add $1.5:
Sauerkraut & red pepper with cheese
Bacon & blue cheese

Black Bean Chipotle Veggie Burger

Vegetarian black bean patty with a slight kick. Served on a toasted pretzel bun.  | $9


Slices of corned beef topped with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and 1000 isle on haus made grilled marble rye bread. | $10

Döner Kebab

A Berlin favorite! Toasted pita bread stuffed with slices of haus made lamb,
lettuce, cabbage, tomato, onion, pickle, and a garlic-yogurt sauce.
Served with a side of Haus hot sauce and choice of side. | $10.5

Schnitzel Parmesan

Choice of pork or chicken schnitzel topped with marinara and mozzarella
cheese on a bed of spätzle. Choice of a cup of soup or salad. | $14


Three pieces of breaded cod topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion,
and our haus made remoulade on brioche slider buns with choice of side. | $10.5

Spätzle Makkaroni und Käse

A combination of spätzle and macaroni noodles smothered in our Schild Brau beer cheese and topped with fried onions. Served with your choice of one of our German bratwurst. | $11



fries $2 | German potato salad $2 | bacon ranch pasta $2 | loaded fries (beer cheese & bacon) $4 | mac ‘n cheese $3.75 | cottage cheese $1 | Haus salad $3




Haus Salad

Harvest blend lettuce with cucumber, radishes, and grape tomatoes. Choice of dressing.
small $3 | large $6.5

Apple Walnut Salad

Harvest blend lettuce with slices of Granny Smith apple, walnuts, blue cheese crumbles, and dried cranberries with a raspberry-apple vinaigrette.

*Add Chicken to any salad for $3

Dressings: Ranch | Honey Dijon | 1000 Island | French | Garlic Parmesan | Apple Vinaigrette | Raspberry Vinaigrette | Roasted Garlic Balsamic




Our Haus goulash is tomato-based with beef and is seasoned with paprika and other spices. Served over spätzle.
bowl $7.5 | cup $4.5

French Onion Soup

Three types of onions and rich beef stock are topped with a marble rye crouton and Swiss cheese for a classic taste.
bowl $7.5 | cup $4.5

Beer Cheese Potato Soup

Cheddar cheese potato chowder with Schild Brau, ham and chives.  bowl $7.5 | cup $4.5

Kinder Menu

Kids Menu

Makkaroni und Käse

Our mac ‘n cheese is made with our haus cheese sauce.
large $8 | small $3.75 | add bacon $1


1/4 pound burger on a pretzel bun served with fries. | $7
add cheese $1 | add bacon $1.5

Kids Chicken Tenders

Hand breaded and fried. Served with fries & one sauce: ranch, honey mustard, chili habanero, garlic parmesan, buffalo, BBQ apricot, BBQ root beer. | $8

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