Festival of the Arts

The Amana Arts Guild will sponsor its Festival of the Arts on Saturday August 7, 2021 from 10 AM – 5 PM, Amana Iowa. Market Barn area in Amana 707-46th Ave.  This special event will feature sales of fine arts, crafts and traditional Colony folk arts by local and guest artists. A unique part of…

Communal Kitchen Dinner

Due to not meeting our minimum number of guests, the dinner has been canceled. Join us on Saturday, July 10 at 5 pm for our first in-person communal dinner in over a year! Cost is $25/person. Menu: Boiling Beef Creamy Amana Spinach Boiled Potatoes Cooked Horseradish Two Cold Salads Iced Bundt Cake

Communal Kitchen Meal

We are sorry to say this event has been canceled. Join us on Saturday, June 12 for a communal dinner. Due to the pandemic it will be a takeout meal. Please visit the Communal Kitchen at 1003 26th Ave in Middle Amana to pickup your dinner at 5pm. Cost is $20/meal. Menu: Swabian Meat Patties…

Take a Bite Communal Takeout Meal

Enjoy a traditional communal Amana meal during the Amana Colonies’ Take a Bite Weekend. Stop by the Communal Kitchen Museum on Friday, April 16th between noon and 1pm to pickup your meal to go. Cost is $25/meal. Menu: Boiling Beef Amana Spinach Crumbled Potatoes Cooked Horseradish Cold Salad Cream Puff